A superhero modern classic...  AVENGERS
Limited Edition #157 of 250!

2012 Stern

A modern players favorite... AVENGERS Limited Edition!  This game was produced in 2012 by Stern Pinball, the ONLY true mass-manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet. The other major manufacturers stopped making pinball machines by 1999 and Stern Pinball really filled the void with great modern titles like Spiderman, X-Men, TRON and Avengers.  This game was so popular that it warranted creation of Limited Edition versions which have upgraded features over the base model machines.  This particular machine is #157 of only 250 blue limited edition games.  Due to the condition, this particular game appears to have been used only in a private home and has had a number of upgrades installed.  This game capitalizes on the ever popular modern series of blockbuster superhero movies by putting you right in the middle of the action acting as the legendary Avengers battling villains and saving our beloved planet from evil!  Stern really had a massive hit on it's hands when this game was released and it is still one of the most popular games of the modern era for true pinball enthusiasts.  The playfield layout on this game is truly magnificent!

You'll love the booming sound track and voices of the characters as they challenge you to perform your playfield tasks.  This game has one of the most interesting layouts of the modern era, which translates to the player NEVER getting bored.  There is almost ALWAYS some element of the game that you haven't seen and it can take years to get good enough at this game to beat it.  Here are some key features... It has multiple RAMPS with diverters, a MOTORIZED center ramp that raises and lowers, a HULK character that MOVES and POUNDS the ball, a spinning TESSERACT cube target, multiple DROP-TARGET banks, loads of rollovers and stationary targets, a SPINNING target, loop shots, pop-bumpers, slingshots and LOTS MORE!  I'm not going to tell you everything about this game... you'll need to find out for yourself!  You'll never be bored with this immensely challenging playfield and the great theme and fabulous artwork makes it a must-have for any home gameroom!

As the pictures show, this is a truly excellent example of an incredible machine so I don't need to go into great detail on the condition.  This game looks beautiful and has been upgraded, making it even better than when it was a new game.

Here are some highlights on this machine...

    * Super clean machine in excellent condition
    * All switches, solenoids and lighting tested
    * Custom color-changing backbox LED package
    * Custom speaker grills with LED color-changing effect
    * Custom chrome ball shooter rod
    * Custom chrome flipper buttons
    * Cabinet shaker motor upgrade installed 
    * Cabinet interior mirror blades installed
    * Custom upgraded lighted TESSERACT cube
    * Custom flipper bats with decals and superbands
    * Hulk character keychain included 

 GORGEOUS cabinet with metallic blue powdercoated hardware!

CHROME flipper buttons and a SHAKER MOTOR inside!


Custom color-changing L.E.D. backglass lighting and speaker grills!

L.E.D. lighting throughout the playfield!

MIRROR BLADES installed on cabinet interior walls!

Custom UPGRADED TESSERACT CUBE with L.E.D. lighting effects!

Custom red chrome flipper bats with decals and superbands installed!

Who doesn't LOVE the AVENGERS movies?  Everyone LOVES this Stern MASTERPIECE!

Original documentation and spare parts bag is included!