A classic sequel... BLACK KNIGHT 2000!
1989 Williams

I am THEE Black Knight... BLACK KNIGHT 2000!  This game was produced in 1989 by Williams, the maker of the greatest and most collectable modern pinball machines on the planet. Black Knight 2000 is the sequel to the 1980 smash hit Black Knight.  Black Knight was the first game to incorporate a multi-level playfield with multi-ball, speech and the patented Williams Magna-Save.  Black Knight 2000 incorporates the dual-level playfield design along with other elements of the original game and takes it all to the next level by utilizing the more modern features that became available to pinball designers almost a decade after the original game was produced.  One of the much-improved elements of the updated version of the game is the modern rockin' sound system!  This game has arguably the very best soundtrack of any pinball machine ever created.  The music combined with the booming voice of the Black Knight puts you in the mood for one wild game of pinball!  The artwork on this game makes it one of the most beautiful machines to ever roll off of the Williams line.  In particular is the great backglass with bold artwork presented in silk-screened and mirrored fashion.  It's a tight theme with great gameplay and is gorgeous to look at! 

You'll love the rock and roll soundtrack and chorus blaring in the background as you pull the plunger to launch the ball right to the upper level.  One of the primary goals in the game is to use the upper level flipper to bash away at the red targets.  Complete all three and watch as the MOTORIZED DRAWBRIDGE lowers to allow access to the upper ramp.  Shoot your balls up that ramp and they will be locked.  Lock three balls and listen as the Black Knight tells you to "STAND UP AND FIGHT!" and watch as the MULTI-BALL FRENZY begins!  Go for the drawbridge during multi-ball for the super JACKPOT!  Complete the upper W-I-N rollovers to advance your end of ball multiplier.  The lower playfield features a hidden ramp to the upper playfield and also a hidden up-kicker as well to get from the lower deck back to the upper deck.  Complete the W-A-R rollovers at the edge of the upper field to start the hurry-up countdown on the lower playfield.  The faster you can make the hidden ramp shot, the more points you will get.  The lower field also features a hidden U-turn shot that scores progressively higher with each hit.  The lower playfield also features good old-fashioned drop-targets.  Drop them all and get awards such as an outlane kick-back or a MAGNA-SAVE!  That's right, just like the original Black Knight, Black Knight 2000 has the MAGNA-SAVE feature.  If it's lit and your ball is in peril of draining down the right side, press the extra cabinet button to activate the under-playfield magnet to pull your ball to a sudden stop and then gently drop it down the inlane and back into play!  That's not all... this game has every possible playfield feature that Williams could pack onto it!  I haven't even mentioned the R-A-N-S-O-M wizard mode, but I assure you it's a blast!  Classic elements such as pop-bumpers, roll-over lanes, captive holes, stationary targets, drop-targets, slingshots, ramps, vertical upkickers and more!  The classic and extremely family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

A gorgeous BK2K all around!  The playfield on this game is in excellent condition due to the fact that the majority of it was covered with a factory-cut clear mylar protective layer from the time the game was new.  The original mylar was removed from the lower field and the insert art was restored.  The upper playfield has the original factory mylar still installed.  The ramps and plastics on the playfield are in great condition with very few imperfections.  All of the flipper mechanicals were rebuilt and the entire playfield has been upgraded with an L.E.D. lighting package.  The original silk-screened backglass is gorgeous with minor imperfections and is not a reproduction.  The cabinet is excellent and unfaded with minor blemishes which have been touched-up.  The coin door has been refinished and the chrome legs and playfield glass are new.  This game is a true favorite for pinball machine enthusiasts and it plays lightning fast just like it did in 1989!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * BRAND NEW L.E.D. score displays installed
    * All circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * Lithium battery installed on CPU board
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass
    * BRAND NEW chrome legs
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * Coin door has been refinished
    * BRAND NEW lock installed on coin door
    * Shooter rebuilt with new springs, sleeve and tip
    * L.E.D. lighting installed in backbox
    * Cabinet has been cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels have been cleaned
    * All playfield lamp inserts have been cleaned
    * Playfield was disassembled, detailed and polished
    * New rubber kit installed
    * Playfield L.E.D. lighting package installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots have been fully serviced
    * BRAND NEW flipper linkages
    * BRAND NEW flipper coil sleeves
    * BRAND NEW flipper coil stops
    * BRAND NEW flipper return springs
    * BRAND NEW flipper EOS switches
    * BRAND NEW flipper bats
    * BRAND NEW playfield posts
    * BRAND NEW drop targets decals
    * BRAND NEW mirror-finish balls have been installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * An owners manual is included

Classic cabinet artwork in outstanding condition!

BRAND NEW playfield glass installed!

BRAND NEW chrome legs, bolts and levelers!  Refinished coin door with a new lock!

Genuine silk-screened and MIRRORED ORIGINAL backglass!
BRAND NEW L.E.D. score displays!  Backbox lighting upgraded to L.E.D. too!

This playfield plays homage to the original and takes it up a notch!
A full L.E.D. lighting package has been installed!

Bang on the targets and watch the DRAWBRIDGE open to reveal the ramp to the BALL LOCKS!

Hidden RAMPS and LOOPS!  Double banks of DROP-TARGETS!  MAGNA-SAVE on the outlane!

Hit the upkicker and spin the LIGHTNING WHEEL!  Last chance KICKBACK on the left outlane!

This CLASSIC playfield NEVER loses it's appeal!

A complete owners manual is included!