The game is watching you... FUNHOUSE!
1990 Williams

One of our most requested games... Funhouse!  This game was produced in 1990 by Williams, the maker of the greatest and most collectable pinball machines on the planet. Funhouse was the game that Pat Lawlor designed just prior to making the Addams Family in the following year.  I remember when this game was released  decades ago and players stood up and took notice of the never-before seen PINMATION animatronics that featured "Rudy, the Amazing Mechanical Man" who would TALK and interact with you as you played the game!  To fit right in with the amusement park theme, this game features a Mystery Mirror, a Wind Tunnel, a Trap Door and even a clock on the playfield so you know when the Funhouse is closing.  What happens when the Funhouse closes?  Rudy goes to sleep.  Dare to wake him up and the fun REALLY begins!  Funhouse is favored by many a pinball aficionado and it's one of my personal favorites.  I still get the feeling of being on the boardwalk at the shore in Wildwood, NJ as a young man with my girlfriend every time I play it.  I married that very same girl and we both still love Funhouse and each other to this day!  The artwork on this game makes it stand out with it's bright colors and carnival graphics.  It's a tight theme with great gameplay and is gorgeous to look at!

You'll love the electro-carnival soundtrack blaring in the background and Rudy the dummy taunting you as you pull the plunger and go for the skill-shot known as "Rudy's Hideout" where you can get big points for just the right amount of plunger force.  Shoot for the upper loop with the upper flipper and watch as the trap-door springs open.  Shoot the ball inside and watch it disappear and reappear at the lower playfield!  Light the Mystery Mirror and shoot the scoop to get awards such as lighting the Extra-Ball, starting a quick Multi-Ball, Millions mode or Super-Dog!  Blast away at the S-T-E-P targets and then shoot the main ramp and watch as the ball is diverted to the right-hand plunger lane.  That's right, this game has TWO ball plungers!  The right plunger is used to shoot for the Steps Ramp skill shot where you can find another extra-ball, a half-million points or open the trap-door for the timed FRENZY round where all targets are worth 50,000 points!  Complete the Mystery Mirror and get a SUPER FRENZY where every shot is worth 100,000 points!

The main objective of the game though, is to advance the playfield clock by hitting various playfield targets.  When the clock hits 11:30, the lock shot will light.  Lock a ball and the clock goes to 11:45.  Lock another ball and it turns to midnight where Rudy will yawn and fall asleep, complete with snoring.  Now the challenge is to blast a ball into his open mouth to wake him up and see him spit the ball out to begin the MULTI-BALL frenzy!  During Multi-Ball the trap door will open for the JACKPOT millions shot!  Make it, then hit the ramp to do it again and get some REALLY BIG POINTS!  All the while Rudy is yelling at you to "Stop Runnin Around!" and "The Funhouse is Closed!"  That's not all... classic playfield elements such as roll-over lanes, captive holes, stationary targets, slingshots, ramps and more!  Did I mention that there are THREE FLIPPERS to control all of the action?  The classic and extremely family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

Most Funhouse games get totally worn out due to the amount of play they saw in the arcade they look like an absolute mess.  This game has an excellent original playfield with very little wear and it still has a nice high-gloss finish.  Brand new ramps, plastic posts and flipper bats were installed and the flipper mechanicals have been serviced.  The backglass translight is in excellent original condition.  The cabinet looks absolutely fabulous as it has been restored with brand new artwork.  Brand new chrome legs, bolts, levelers and playfield glass have been installed.  I can't say much more about this game that the pictures don't show.  If you want a really nice Funhouse pinball machine, then this is the one for you!  This game is a true favorite for pinball machine enthusiasts and it plays lightning fast just like it did in 1990, possibly even faster!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on MPU board
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Cabinet is cleaned inside and out
    * BRAND NEW cabinet artwork installed
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass
    * BRAND NEW chrome legs
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW lock installed on coin door
    * BRAND NEW lock installed on backglass
    * Both shooters rebuilt with new springs, sleeves and tips
    * Playfield has been stripped, cleaned and polished
    * Burned out lamps have been replaced
    * BRAND NEW playfield posts
    * BRAND NEW fresh white rubber installed
    * Custom colored post sleeves installed
    * BRAND NEW ramp set installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots serviced as needed
    * Flipper mechanicals serviced as needed
    * BRAND NEW flipper bats installed
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish balls have been installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * An operator guide and spare light bulbs are included

RESTORED cabinet with BRAND NEW ARTWORK installed!

BRAND NEW playfield glass installed!

BRAND NEW chrome legs, bolts and levelers!  Rebuilt dual ball shooters!  BRAND NEW lock!

 Excellent condition original backglass artwork!

A true masterpiece of pinball playfield design!

Watch out for Rudy, the Amazing Mechanical Man!
BRAND NEW crystal-clear ramp set installed!

Can you advance the clock to MIDNIGHT and put rudy to sleep?

BRAND NEW plastic posts, flipper bats and custom colored post sleeves!

This beautiful and CLASSIC playfield will keep you challenged for decades!

Operator guide and spare light bulbs included!