A 70's rock and roll classic... KISS!
1979 Bally

Time to ROCK and ROLL with... KISS!  This game was produced in 1979 by Bally, who hands-down made the best and most well-known digital pinball machines of the late 70's and early 80's.  Games like Eight Ball, Playboy, Harlem Globetrotters and Kiss ruled the arcades!  Bally was known for creating great playing pinball machines with the best and most popular themes.  Out of the 70's came one of the hottest rock bands with amazing showmanship and stage presence... KISS!  What a FANTASTIC theme to use for a pinball machine!  This game was so well liked that they made 17,000 of them, which is an unusually high production number matched by few other games.  The popularity of the band along with the terrific gameplay and fabulous artwork made this game easily seen in every arcade, bowling alley, tavern and corner store in the late 70's and early 80's.  Everyone loves this machine and it's easily one of the most collectable games of the 70's.  Kiss is so popular that Stern pinball made a brand new Kiss themed game within the last year!  This true classic Bally machine brings your youth back to life with the fun and excitement of a full size vintage arcade game.  Pinball machines are presently enjoying a renaissance period with young and old alike experiencing new-found joy in these games of the past.  This game has genuine Bally style play with a classic playfield layout that's a true blast to play!

You'll love the vintage early digital sounds which play some of the Kiss music while you go for big points and pinball status!  Try to maintain ball control as you try for HIGH SCORES, EXTRA BALLS and SPECIALS!  This fantastic playfield is loaded with all of the classic Bally features such as rollover lanes, spot-targets, drop-targets, pop-bumpers, slingshots and spinning targets.  Try to complete the K-I-S-S grid in the center of the playfield by hitting the corresponding targets and rollovers around the playfield.  You can also spot lines in the grid by knocking down the bank of drop-targets.  Complete the lines in the grid to get a SUPER BONUS and also a COLOSSAL BONUS, then combine your bonus points for a whopping 120,000 possible points!  Light the bonus doubler and you'll wind up with an astounding 240,000 points and be on your way to becoming a PINBALL LEGEND!  Adults and children alike go crazy for this game and you will NEVER tire of it!  Many enthusiasts will agree that this game is one of the very best games that Bally has ever produced.  The popular and family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

WOW!  What can I say about the condition of this game other than AMAZING!  Your typical Kiss game was played and beaten to death in the arcade and has a wrecked playfield, flaking backglass, faded and destroyed cabinet and the electronics are shot.  This is not your typical beaten-up Kiss machine.  It has had a beautiful high-end restoration done which started with a fully repainted and restenciled cabinet.  New playfield glass was installed and the legs were refinished and all cabinet metal has been polished.  A near pristine original backglass was sourced and installed in the game.  Brand new MPU and lamp driver boards were installed along with new L.E.D. score displays and a full L.E.D. lighting package behind the backglass.  The real star of the show is the original NOS Bally playfield that was sourced for the game.  Reproductions are out there, but originals are impossible to find.  The NOS field was freshly clearcoated with a high-gloss finish.  Loads of new playfield parts were installed such as plastics, pop-bumpers, posts, lane guides, drop-targets and more.  A full playfield L.E.D. lighting package was also installed.  As the pictures show, this is one amazing restoration.  Plays lightning fast just like it did in 1979!

Beautifully repainted and restenciled cabinet artwork!

BRAND NEW playfield glass and polished stainless side rails!

Refinished legs with new bolts and levelers!  Excellent original coin door with all coin mechs intact!
Vintage KISS key chain is included! 

Excellent ORIGINAL silk-screened and MIRRORED backglass!  NOT A REPRODUCTION!
BRAND NEW logic and lamp driver boards installed!  BRAND NEW L.E.D. score displays!
Full backbox L.E.D. lighting package installed!

NOS (new old stock) clearcoated ORIGINAL classic Bally playfield!
Full playfield L.E.D. lighting package installed!

BRAND NEW playfield artwork plastics!  BRAND NEW bumper bodies, skirts and caps!

BRAND NEW drop-target set!  BRAND NEW lane guides, posts and post caps!

BRAND NEW flipper mechanicals and bats!  New instruction cards!

You will not believe this game is nearly FOUR DECADES old!

Original Bally owners manual is included!