A true modern classic... LORD OF THE RINGS!
2003 Stern

A modern players favorite... LORD OF THE RINGS!  This game was produced in 2003 by Stern Pinball, the ONLY mass-manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet. Williams stopped making pinball machines in 1999 and Stern Pinball really filled the void with great modern titles like Simpson's Pinball Party, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman and Lord of the Rings.  This particular game was purchased brand new for use in a private home.  Only 925 plays on the meter at the time of photos!  It has a very low number of plays on it for a 15 year old machine, so it's in truly excellent condition.  This game capitalizes on the blockbuster Lord of the Rings motion pictures by putting you right in the middle of the action battling amidst the lure of the Ring.  Stern really had a massive hit on it's hands when this game was released and it is still one of the most popular games of the modern era for true pinball enthusiasts.  The playfield layout on this game is truly magnificent!

You'll love the music and sounds that were taken directly from the film as you try to complete your playfield tasks.  This game is loaded with excellent gameplay modes where you must collect the Rings of Power such as the Rings of Elves, Rings of Dwarves and Rings of Men.  There are also multiple movie multi-ball modes named after the 3 films Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers and The Return of the King.  Complete them all for your chance to Destroy the Ring!  The playfield features cool toys such as the moving Balrog which blocks the entrance to the center ring along with the moving tower and the elevated Path of The Dead.  That's not all... there are loads of loop shots, targets, ramps, up-kickers, pop-bumpers and more!  I'm not going to tell you everything about this game... you'll need to find out for yourself!  You'll never be bored with this immensely challenging playfield and the great theme and fabulous artwork makes it a must-have for any home gameroom!

Since this is as close to a brand new game as you can get, I won't go into great detail on the condition.  Used only in a private home, this game looks and smells brand new and you will not be disappointed.  There are very few if any brand new Lord of the Rings games left for purchase and this title seems to only increase in value.


This game still LOOKS and SMELLS BRAND NEW!

BEAUTIFUL coin door because it's never been used commercially!

Backglass artwork taken directly from the film!

This is one the greatest playfields to ever come from Stern Pinball!

Check out the elevated PATH OF THE DEAD!

Bash BALROG to gain access to the center ramp and RING SHOT!

Targets, ramps, up-kickers, slingshots and MORE!

Who didn't LOVE the LORD OF THE RINGS films?  Everyone LOVES this Stern pinball MASTERPIECE!

Original factory paperwork still stapled inside!