Everyones favorite game... MONOPOLY!
2001 Stern
Upgraded with L.E.D. lighting and MORE!

A modern classic... MONOPOLY!  This game was produced in 2001 by Stern Pinball, the only mass-manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet. Williams stopped making pinball machines in 1999 and Stern Pinball really filled the void with great modern titles like Terminator 3, Spiderman, Indiana Jones and Monopoly.  This game was incredibly popular when it was released and the game remains a hit to this day.  It capitalizes on the popularity of the classic depression-era board game that everyone knows and loves.  You'll be able to work your way around the playfield game-board just like you would when playing the original game!  Players of all ages are familiar with Monopoly and everyone LOVES Monopoly pinball!

You'll love hearing the voice of old Rich Uncle Pennybags or Mr. Monopoly as he is now known while he guides you around the playfield and clues you in on what is happening.  You can shoot for the FREE PARKING ramp or shoot for the BANK door and watch it swing open to reveal the center ramp.  Drop your ball through the ELECTRIC COMPANY pop-bumpers or shoot for the WATER WORKS saucer hole where a mini-flipper will magically whisk your ball back into play.  Shoot for the center RAILROAD ramp, but watch out for THE COP or you'll wind up in JAIL!  This game has three flippers so you can easily control all of the action.  There's a BALL LOCK on the lower left where you can store up your balls for a MULTI-BALL FRENZY with HUGE JACKPOT scoring opportunities!  I won't tell you everything this game has to offer and you'll need to find out for yourself!  There is almost ALWAYS some element of the game that you haven't seen and it can take years to get good enough at this game to beat it.  You'll never be bored with this immensely challenging playfield and the great theme and fabulous artwork makes it a must-have for any family home gameroom!

This is one sweet looking Monopoly game!  The playfield is in fantastic original condition and shines like a mirror.  The ramps and plastics are all in excellent condition with no chipped or cracked pieces.  All of the playfield lighting in the game has been upgraded with an L.E.D. package and custom sideboard artwork has been installed.  The backglass translight is in pristine condition.  The cabinet artwork is in beautiful condition with minor blemishes which have been touched-up.  Brand new playfield glass, side rails, lockdown bar, leg bolts and levelers were installed.  Fabulous all around and you WILL NOT be disappointed on the quality of this machine!  See the list below for details on the services and upgrades to the game.  She plays just like brand new!

Here are the SERVICES and UPGRADES that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully inspected and tested
    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on CPU board
    * Fuses have been checked for proper type and value
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Cabinet has been cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels have been cleaned
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass installed
    * BRAND NEW upgraded side rails installed
    * BRAND NEW lockdown bar installed
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW shooter rod and springs
    * Playfield has been disassembled, detailed and polished
    * All playfield lamp inserts have been cleaned 
    * All playfield rubber rings have been replaced
    * Playfield lighting has been upgraded with an L.E.D. package
    * Custom playfield sideboard artwork installed
    * All mechanical assemblies have been inspected and tested
    * Bumpers and slingshots inspected and serviced
    * All targets and switches have been inspected and tested
    * All solenoids have been inspected and tested
    * Flipper mechanicals have been inspected and tested
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * An owners manual is included

 BEAUTIFUL condition cabinet features classic board-game artwork!

BRAND NEW playfield glass and upgraded side rails!

BRAND NEW lockdown bar, leg bolts and levelers!  Rebuilt ball shooter with new handle!

Backglass features Rich Uncle Pennybags and the classic board game artwork!

One of the greatest playfields to ever come from Stern Pinball!
The entire playfield has been upgraded to L.E.D. lighting!

All of the classic elements are here like FREE PARKING, the BANK and the POWER COMPANY!
Custom sideboard artwork has been added to enhance the playfield!

Check out the WATER WORKS saucer and the RAILROAD ramp!

Can you make it all the way around the game board and score BIG POINTS?

An absolutely BEAUTIFUL playfield that will keep you entertained for YEARS!

An owners manual is included!