A collector classic... SCARED STIFF!
1996 Bally

Attention pinball enthusiasts... it's time to get... SCARED STIFF!  This game was produced in 1996 by Bally/Williams, manufacturer of the greatest and most collectable modern pinball machines on the planet. Scared Stiff is a true collector machine, consistently being on the top 10 most-wanted list in the pinball collector community.  What's the reason?  It's simply a truly AWESOME game!  From the phenomenally cool cabinet art to the one-of-a-kind backglass featuring an animated spider spinner to the outrageous and risque humor and the amazing playfield design, this game does NOT disappoint in the entertainment department!  Everyone loves the spooky and seductive Elvira, Mistress of the Dark who still has an amazing fan base that follows her to movie openings, scream-fests and book events.  Scared Stiff was the second collaboration between Elvira and the Williams pinball company.  Their first game being Elvira and the Party Monsters, with Scared Stiff being the sequel.  In this case the sequel is without a doubt their best-effort of the two.  This game is extremely hard to find in the condition that we are presenting this one today.  Once collectors get their hands on these babies, they disappear forever!  The artwork, music, theme and incredible sense of humor in this game makes it a real crowd pleaser!

Listen to the eerie sounds of monster-movie theme music as you plunge your ball towards the skill shot for big points!  The main objective of this game is to complete the SIX TALES OF TERROR to enter the wizard mode where you can run up the STIFF-O-METER and get... S C A R E D   S T I F F!  Shoot the BONEY BEAST ramp to complete Eyes of the Boney Beast, then lock some balls for a MULTI-BALL FRENZY!  Shoot up the left loop and complete the skull rollovers for Night of the Dead Heads!  Hit the CRATE a designated number of times and watch as it swallows your ball to start TERROR FROM THE CRATE multi-ball mode.  Hit all of the jumping frogs to start Night of the Leapers!  Get up into the pop-bumpers for a boppin' good time in the MONSTERS LAB!  Don't forget to hit the STIFF IN THE COFFIN!  Pop into the SPIDER HOLE and watch as the SPIDER SPINNER in the backglass begins to rotate.  Try to stop the spider at one of the ghoulish selections!  Like all great Bally/Williams games, this game is extremely easy to understand, but incredibly difficult to master.  It would go great in any home gameroom!

This is one beautiful Scared Stiff game!  A low-play game with a full matching set of serial-number circuit boards.  The playfield is in fabulous condition and the original factory Diamond Plate clearcoat shines like glass.  A full set of brand new clear plastic ramps has been installed.  The playfield plastics are in excellent condition and brand new molded slingshot plastics and boney flippers have been installed.  Upgrades such as a full L.E.D. lighting package and mirror blades have been installed.  The backglass translight is in beautiful condition as is the 3-D background and spider spinner!  The cabinet is in remarkable condition, unfaded and does NOT have reproduction cabinet stickers that others often use to hide severely damaged cabinets.  Any minor cabinet blemishes have been touched up as needed.  The legs, bolts, levelers, playfield glass and power cord are all brand new.  The game plays ghoulishly fast just like it did in 1996!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on the CPU board
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * BRAND NEW chrome legs
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass
    * BRAND NEW power cord
    * BRAND NEW coin door
    * Ball shooter has been fully rebuilt
    * L.E.D. lighting package installed in backbox
    * MIRROR BLADES installed on cabinet interior
    * Cabinet is thoroughly cleaned inside and out
    * Playfield has been disassembled, detailed and polished
    * New lamps and fresh rubber installed
    * BRAND NEW clear plastic ramps installed
    * L.E.D. playfield lighting package has been installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots have been fully serviced
    * BRAND NEW flipper linkages installed
    * BRAND NEW flipper return springs installed
    * BRAND NEW flipper coil sleeves installed
    * BRAND NEW flipper coil stops installed
    * BRAND NEW boney flipper bats installed
    * BRAND NEW crate artwork installed
    * BRAND NEW molded slingshot plastics
    * Red super-bands installed on flipper bats
    * Stainless-steel hole protectors installed
    * Full color score and instruction cards
    * BRAND NEW mirror-polished pinballs
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * An original owners manual and spare light bulbs are included


BRAND NEW playfield glass and power cord installed!

BRAND NEW chrome legs, bolts and levelers!  BRAND NEW coin door!  Rebuilt shooter!

Backbox lighting has been upgraded with a full L.E.D. package!

One of the most UNIQUE playfields you will ever see!
BRAND NEW clear plastic ramp set installed!

Check out the BONEY BEAST ramp and the ball-eating CRATE!
MIRROR BLADES installed on cabinet interior!  BRAND NEW crate artwork installed!

Watch out for the STIFF IN THE COFFIN at the left and the three JUMPING FROGS in the center!
Stainless-steel hole protectors and a FULL L.E.D. lighting package installed!

Molded BOOGIE-MAN slingshots with boogie men puppets!
BRAND NEW slingshot plastics, boney flippers and flipper mechanicals!

Can YOU complete the TALES OF TERROR and get...  S-C-A-R-E-D   S-T-I-F-F ?!

An original owners manual and spare light bulbs are included!