Get out on the field with... SILVER SLUGGER!
1990 Gottlieb
Play meter has recorded only 638 total plays at time of photos!

A rare  and collectable Gottlieb... SILVER SLUGGER!  This game was produced in 1990 by the Gottlieb company, who is known to have made the best and most sought after pinball games of all time.  Sliver Slugger is known as a "street-line" game.  This was a series of games made by Gottlieb in the early 90's that featured a slightly smaller cabinet, simplified playfield layout with no ramps and an easier to understand ruleset.  There were very few of these games produced as it was more or less a test run to see if the operators would be more inclined to purchase a slightly smaller and less expensive game.  There were only 2,100 Silver Slugger games produced, which is an extremely low number.  Although the games were somewhat simpler in design than the other games of the same era, they were some of the best playing Gottlieb pinball games ever produced!  Unfortunately, Gottlieb didn't realize this until they had already stopped making the games.  The overall theme is extremely well integrated into this machine and this game really brings the sport of baseball to life!

Line drive! The announcer shouts as you nail your shots on the playfield.  You'll love the lively music and baseball commentary in the voice and style of a classic ballgame announcer as you bash the ball around this beautiful playfield.  Launch the ball to the top of the field where the rollover lanes can get you a W-A-L-K.  Roll into the pop-bumper arena for a ball-banging fiesta!  Go for the spinning targets and watch the animated baseball fly up the backglass.  Land in a captive hole for a HOME-RUN!  Go for the lower spot targets to increase your DUAL BONUS MULTIPLIERS.  Nail the center drop-targets to complete the HOME-RUN sequence to light the SPECIALS!  This machine has classic single-level gameplay with great features like drop-targets, standing targets, spinning targets, fast loop shots, kickout holes, pop-bumper and slingshot action, and even a MULTI-BALL mode.  Another great feature of the game is a separate "runs scored" display in the backglass that keeps track of the runs scored for all 4 players.  There's even a separate high score entry for the player with the most runs!  This game is a real crowd pleaser and the classic family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

Silver Slugger games are a rare find and getting harder to come by every year as the collectors find them and gobble up the supply.  When you do find a Silver Slugger, they are usually beaten to death because they were so popular in the arcades.  This game is quite the exception as it's in amazing condition all around because it was never used in an arcade, bar or bowling alley.  It has been used only in private homes since birth and it still smells like new inside.  The cabinet is near pristine with very few imperfections.  The playfield has been protected by clear mylar since the game was new and it still has a glossy finish and is not dull.  The plastics, targets and other playfield parts are all in excellent condition and not chipped or damaged.  You'd be hard pressed to ever find another Silver Slugger as nice as this one.  This game needed very little in the way or restoration work when it arrived as it was in such fantastic shape.  The playfield has been cleaned and new rubber installed, any burned out lights were replaced and all of the game functions and mechanisms have been tested.

Absolutely GORGEOUS ORIGINAL cabinet!

Beautiful original Gottlieb gusseted chrome legs!  Coin door looks perfect as it was never used!

Watch as the lit players move around the field and see the light-animated baseball fly into the stands!
Runs scored are tracked separately for two ways to compete!

This classic playfield is a throwback to the art of simple yet elegant design!
Fantastic condition with factory mylar protector installed since new!

Check out the TRIPLE-SPINNERS, VARI-TARGET and classic rollover lanes!
Excellent condition all around with no broken plastics or targets!

Dual spot-target banks on either side and a set of classic drop-targets in the center!

Can you get the bases loaded and go for the GRAND SLAM?

This fabulous playfield puts you right out on the field!

ORIGINAL factory folder with owners manual and warranty document!

Original playfield shipping blocks still in place!
The playfield never had to be pulled out for service!

No rust or corrosion and the interior is immaculate!