A mafia classic... THE SOPRANOS!
2005 Stern

Welcome to this thing of ours... THE SOPRANOS!  This game was produced in 2005 by Stern Pinball, the ONLY mass-manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet. Williams stopped making pinball machines in 1999 and Stern Pinball really filled the void with great modern titles like the Simpson's Pinball Party, Spiderman and The Sopranos.  This machine capitalizes on the ever popular Sopranos television saga by putting you right in the middle of the Jersey mafia action where you can crack some heads, crack some safes, visit the Bada Bing to see the pole dancers, rob some trucks and work your way to the top of the family!  Stern really had a massive hit on it's hands when this game was released and it is still one of the most popular Stern games to date.  The playfield layout on this game keeps you coming back for more!

You'll love the television sound track and the voices of many of the Sopranos characters as they challenge you to perform your playfield tasks and provide witty commentary along the way.  Plunge the ball to the top and go for the R.I.P. rollovers where you can see who was whacked on the show.  Watch the ball fall through the ball-bashing pop-bumper area where you can hear some beatdown sound-effects.  The main goal of this game is to work your way through the different episodes such as the Truck Heist, Crack the Safe, Bada-Bing and FOOD.  Complete the episodes to work your way from being an Associate all the way up to the BOSS!  The playfield is loaded with features such as TWO RAMPS, loop shots, a SAFE that CRACKS OPEN, a TALKING FISH, rollovers, targets, spinners and MORE!  I'm not going to tell you about everything on this game... you'll need to find out for yourself!  You'll never be bored with this immensely challenging playfield and the great theme and fabulous artwork makes it a must-have for any home gameroom!

What a beautiful example of this title because it spent it's entire life in private homes and saw very little usage.  Never used commercially or abused by the public.  Since this is as close to a new game as you can get, I won't go into great detail on the condition.  As the pictures show, this game looks fantastic and you will not be disappointed.  The playfield is gorgeous and still shines like new.  All lights, switches and mechanisms have been tested and inspected.  The cabinet is just as beautiful as the rest of the machine with any minor imperfections touched up.  There are very few if any brand new Sopranos games left for purchase and this title seems to only increase in value.

 GORGEOUS cabinet still looks incredible!

Custom red cabinet protectors installed under legs!

The coin door still looks brand new because it was used only in a home environment!

The backglass features all of your favorite cast members!

This is one of the greatest playfields to ever come from Stern Pinball!

Check out the spinning POLE-DANCERS and Tony's boat... THE STUGOTS!

Look at the TALKING FISH and the SAFE that CRACKS OPEN!

Can YOU work your way through the ranks to become THE BOSS?

An absolutely BEAUTIFUL playfield that will keep you entertained for YEARS!

Original factory owners manual and spare parts bag included!