A modern classic... SIMPSONS PINBALL PARTY!
2006 Stern
Used only in a private home and looking like new!

A modern players favorite... THE SIMPSON'S PINBALL PARTY!  This game was originally produced in 2003 by Stern Pinball, the ONLY manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet. Williams stopped making pinball machines in 1999 and Stern Pinball really filled the void with great modern titles like Spiderman, Batman Dark Knight and Simpson's Pinball Party.  This game was so popular that Stern had a number of re-issues after the original run.  This particular game came from the 2006 production run and was purchased new for use in a private home.  Never in an arcade, bar or bowling alley... it's as close to a brand new game as you can get! This game capitalizes on the ever popular Simpson's television shows by putting you right in the middle of downtown Springfield with all of the zany and crazy characters and settings.  Stern really had a massive hit on it's hands when this game was released and it is still one of the most popular games of any era for true pinball enthusiasts.  The playfield layout on this game is truly a sight to behold!

You'll love the television sound track and the voice of all of the Simpson's characters as they challenge you to perform your playfield tasks.  This game has one of the most complex and deep rulesets of any pinball machine ever created, which translates to the player NEVER getting bored.  There is almost ALWAYS some element of the game that you haven't seen and it can take years to get good enough at this game to beat it.  Here are some key features... It has multiple plunger skill shots, two ramps on the lower playfield, COOLING TOWER pop-bumpers, THREE loop shots, DROP TARGETS, hidden kickout holes, LOADS of stationary targets, a SPINNER, a captive ball attached to BART on his SKATEBOARD, a giant ANIMATED HOMER HEAD that follows the ball, and LOTS MORE!

Wait a second, that's just the LOWER playfield.  This game has an UPPER playfield too!  Shoot the ball into the GARAGE and be launched to the upper playfield with it's very own set of flippers, targets, ball-locks, ramps and a MINIATURE TV SCREEN!  Take a ride on the MONORAIL from the upper playfield back down to the lower playfield, or lock your balls on the COUCH!  This game has over a half-dozen different MULTI-BALL modes.  You can also STACK the modes, meaning you can have a regular multi-ball running and start an ITCHY and SCRATCHY or D'OH multi-ball on top of that.  I'm not going to tell you everything on this game... you'll need to find out for yourself!  You'll never be bored with this immensely challenging playfield and the great theme and fabulous artwork makes it a must-have for any home gameroom!

Since as the pictures show, this is a stunning example of a privately owned machine, I won't go into great detail on the condition.  I'll just state that you WILL NOT be disappointed on the quality of this machine!  If you are looking for a truly collector quality example, this is it.  All maintenance has been performed, playfield polished, worn rubber replaced, burned out lamps replaced, etc.  It is plug and play ready for your home gameroom!


Absolutely beautiful condition all around!

The coin door still looks new because it was never used!

Everyone LOVES the backglass artwork on this game!

This is simply the greatest playfield to ever come from Stern Pinball!

Check out the upper MINI-PLAYFIELD complete with a COUCH and TELEVISION!
HOMER HEAD moves around as you play too!

Look at the MONO-RAIL and COOLING TOWER pop-bumpers!
You can even visit the Comic Book Guy or go to the KWIK-E MART!

Slingshots and THREE FLIPPERS on the main playfield!
Knock down the ITCHY and SCRATCHY targets to reveal a secret ball saucer hole!

Can you shoot into the GARAGE or whack Bart on the SKATEBOARD?

Original paperwork and spare parts still sealed in the original factory bags!