Be a real wizard with... TOMMY!
1994 Data East
Low-play machine in remarkable condition!
Broadway show memorabilia included too!

A pinball collector classic... TOMMY!  This game was produced in 1994 by Data East, who now goes by the name Stern Pinball and is the ONLY mass-manufacturer of pinball machines left on the planet!  Data East is well known for tying great TV and movie themes to great playing pinball machines and this game is no exception.  TOMMY is one of the most sought-after of all Data East pinballs due to it's direct tie-in to the most famous of all pinball stories.  The story of TOMMY, the deaf, dumb and blind boy who was a pinball savant.  This game features more music than ANY other game.  It has TWENTY ONE songs taken directly from the Broadway musical.  Data East even invented an entirely new digital sound system specifically for this game called BSMT2000!  It also has some of the most unique playfield innovations EVER seen on a pinball machine, the most interesting of which are the blinders which will pop out and cover the flippers during certain times, forcing you to play blind, just like TOMMY!  Pinball collectors everywhere are constantly looking for this game which is now very difficult to find in the condition that is desired by the discriminating collector.

You'll love all of the classic music from THE WHO and others pulled directly from the rock opera!  Plunge the ball into play to try for the parachute skill shot as the vintage bomber plane spins it's propellers every time you hit a ramp.  Crash the ball into the mini-mirror on the playfield, hear the sound of breaking glass and watch as it magically disappears beneath the playfield revealing the shot into the abyss which will start the MULTI-BALL frenzy!  Hit the ramps for JACKPOTS and DOUBLE-JACKPOTS!  Try to play BLIND like TOMMY as the motorized BLINDERS cover the flippers!  This game has so many features, it will blow your mind!  There are well over a DOZEN different modes of play on this game that keep it exciting play after play and those features are just the beginning.  You have THREE FLIPPERS, TWO RAMPS, scoop holes, upkickers, custom stationary targets, roll-overs, pop-bumpers, slingshots, loop shots, dual spinners, a captive ball and more!  This game has so much going on that it's IMPOSSIBLE to get bored with it!  This the best Data East game ever created, bar none and the popular and FAMILY-FRIENDLY theme goes great in any home gameroom!

This game is in fabulous condition and definitely one of the nicest TOMMY games we have ever had come through the shop.  It appears to have spent most of it's life in a private residence.  The playfield is in stunning original condition with the original factory clear-coat intact and shining like glass with no wear at all!  The playfield artwork plastics are in excellent condition as well with very few imperfections.  The backglass translight is in beautiful original condition. The cabinet looks gorgeous with very few blemishes.  The often broken or missing mirror-ball backbox topper is intact and is an original, not a reproduction.  See below for the full list of what has been done to this game.  Plays lightning fast just like it did in 1994!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on CPU board
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Cabinet is thoroughly cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels are cleaned
    * Ball shooter has been rebuilt with new springs
    * All playfield lamp inserts have been cleaned
    * Playfield has been stripped, detailed and polished
    * New lamps and fresh rubber have been installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots have been fully serviced
    * BRAND NEW flipper linkages were installed
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish pinballs have been installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * An original Broadway Musical show cap and spare light bulbs are included

Outstanding ORIGINAL cabinet paint!  No reproduction decals!

Mirror ball topper is ORIGINAL and not a reproduction!

Excellent original legs and coin door!  Rebuilt ball shooter!

Beautiful backglass translight with scenes from the Broadway show!

One of the BEST playfields Data East EVER created!

Check out the huge bomber with REAL WORKING propellers!  Look at the MOTORIZED MIRROR too!

Complete all of the game modes and enter the SUPER WIZARD MODE!

During some modes, MOTORIZED BLINDERS will cover the flippers!
Try to play BLIND just like TOMMY!

This GORGEOUS playfield shines like Tommy's mirror!

An ORIGINAL BROADWAY PRODUCTION CAP and spare light bulbs are included!