Prepare to enter the... TWILIGHT ZONE!
1993 Bally
One of our MOST requested titles LOADED with UPGRADES!

The ONE, the ONLY, the collector-classic... TWILIGHT ZONE!  This game was produced in 1993 by Bally/Williams, creator of the greatest pinball machines of the 80's and 90's.  Twilight Zone is simply one of the GREATEST AND MOST SOUGHT-AFTER PINBALL MACHINES EVER CREATED!  It has so many features and such a fabulous set of rules that it is on most pinball collectors top-ten best games of all time.  It's consistently rated as NUMBER ONE on the Internet Pinball Database!  What better theme to use for a pinball machine than one of the greatest television series of all time?  I have NEVER met anyone that did not like the Twilight Zone TV series and this game truly brings the greatest episodes to life.  There simply cannot be enough good things said about this game.  It's simply AMAZING to look at and PLAY!

Start the game as the rock version of the TV show theme blares along in the background.  Plunge your ball into play at just the right speed to try for the skill shot and mega-points!  Shoot for the PIANO or SLOT MACHINE to start one of the many play modes to advance toward the wizard mode to get LOST IN THE ZONE.  This game is so chock full of play modes that many people can never complete them all in a single game!  Shoot into the real working GUMBALL MACHINE and watch as it serves up your next ball into play!  Shoot the CAMERA SHOT and see the ball disappear beneath the playfield.  Where will it come back out?  Fire up the right ramp to the MINI-PLAYFIELD and play pinball with the MAGNETIZED FLIPPERS.  Watch as the CLOCK counts down your play modes and keeps REAL TIME when the game is not in play!  When you least expect it, the WHITE POWERBALL will arrive for a mega-fast bout with the flippers!  Lock the balls on the playfield and start the MULTI-BALL frenzy to shoot for the JACKPOT!  Those features are just the beginning.  You have FOUR FLIPPERS, multiple ramps, ball scoops, stationary targets, roll-overs, pop-bumpers, slingshots, kickout saucers, loop shots, and more!  This game has so many features, it will make you crazy trying to reveal them all!  With all of the features of this mega-modern-classic, you can NEVER get bored with it!  The popular and FAMILY FRIENDLY theme goes great in any home gameroom!

Most Twilight Zones are beat to death or are moldy, rusty, filthy heaps.  This is a simply beautiful machine from top to bottom!  The playfield is in beautiful condition and the original factory clear-coat still shines like a mirror.  The clock has been rebuilt and upgraded with a brand new LED-based control board.  Upgrades have been installed such as a complete L.E.D. lighting package, colored gumball kit, miniature piano, backboard artwork, custom target artwork and more!  The plastics and ramps are in excellent condition and a plastic protector set was installed.  The backglass translight is original and in fabulous condition.  The cabinet is in excellent unfaded condition with minor blemishes and some touch-ups.  The playfield glass, legs bolts and levelers are brand new.  See below for the full list of what has been done to this game.  This game plays lightning fast just like it did in 1993!

This game has been professionally serviced for long-lasting reliability and enjoyment. I have many years of experience in pinball repair and restoration as a business, not just a hobby. Anyone can change a few rubbers and light bulbs on a game and call it "shopped". My games are put through a rigorous multi-step process that is extremely important when buying vintage or pre-owned pinball machines.

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on MPU board
    * All other circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Cabinet was thoroughly cleaned inside and out
    * Chrome legs have been polished
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * Shooter has been rebuilt with new sleeve and springs
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass installed
    * BRAND NEW lockdown gasket installed
    * All glass and glass channels have been cleaned
    * Backbox L.E.D. lighting package installed
    * All playfield lamp inserts have been cleaned
    * Playfield has been disassembled, detailed and polished
    * New lamps and fresh rubber installed
    * Full playfield L.E.D. lighting package installed
    * Slingshot plastic protectors installed
    * BRAND NEW LED clock board installed
    * Custom backboard artwork installed
    * Custome target decal artwork installed
    * Bumpers and slingshots serviced as needed
    * Flippers inspected and serviced as needed
    * COLORED GUMBALLS installed in gumball machine
    * Miniature piano upgrade installed
    * L.E.D. lighted slingshot posts installed
    * Plastic protector set installed
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish balls have been installed
    * Custom color instruction cards installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * Original operator guide and spare light bulbs included

Beautiful unfaded cabinet artwork!

BRAND NEW playfield glass and lockdown gasket installed!

Polished chrome legs with new bolts and levelers!  Nice original coin door!  Rebuilt ball shooter!

Fabulous backglass features mementos from ALL of your favorite episodes!
Backbox lighting has been upgraded with a full L.E.D. package!

One of the most complex and fun playfields ever created!
Playfield lighting has been upgraded with a full L.E.D. package!

Shoot pinballs into the GUMBALL MACHINE, PIANO or SLOT MACHINE!
COLORED GUMBALLS installed in gumball machine!
BRAND NEW L.E.D. clock board!
Miniature PIANO installed under clock!
Custom BACKBOARD ARTWORK installed!

Play a game on the mini-playfield with HIDDEN MAGNETIC FLIPPERS!
Targets have been upgraded with CUSTOM ARTWORK!

Can you complete all of the door panels and get... LOST IN THE ZONE?
L.E.D. lighted slingshot posts installed!
Plastic protector set installed!
Custom full color instruction cards installed!

This gorgeous playfield shines like glass and will occupy you for years to come!

An original owners manual and spare light bulbs are included!