Get ready for... W H I T E W A T E R!
1993 Williams

Head for the river with... WHITEWATER!  This game was produced in 1993 by Williams, manufacturer of the greatest and most collectable modern pinball machines on the planet. It has wonderfully unique gameplay and is highly sought-after by modern-day collectors. It is immensely popular due to it's unique theme, beautiful artwork and some of the most innovative gameplay ever seen. This game takes you on a WILD RIDE and will make you want to go jump in a raft and ride the rapids! The machine brings all aspects of the exciting sport of whitewater rafting to life. It even has an animated waterfall on the top of the machine! People can't get enough of this game and it's one of the MOST popular in the showroom!

You'll love all of the wacky voices and back-country music as "Wet Willie" and his trusty dog lead you on your adventure down the river. This playfield has such a unique layout that you can't help but love it. Do you like ramps? This game has more ramp action than ANY game ever produced. From the Insanity Falls, to Big Foots Bluff, to Disaster Drop, to Boomerang Bend, it's a BLAST! It also features an upper-deck mini-playfield with a third flipper. Guess who's up there waiting for you? BIGFOOT himself! That's right, there is a fuzzy mechanically animated creature up there waiting to shoot your ball off in unknown directions. Watch his head SPIN like Linda Blair when you get into the MULTI-BALL action! All of the other wonderfully classic game features are there as well like boulder covered pop-bumpers, slingshots, rollovers and standing targets. You will NEVER tire of this playfield. Can you reach the VACATION JACKPOT? It eludes me to this day! This wonderful and family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

It is very difficult to find a Whitewater game in good condition today as they were played to death in the arcade and most suffer from playfield wear, broken and cloudy looking ramps, broken boulders and faded or damaged cabinets.  This game is quite the exception as it has a beautiful playfield that still shines like new.  All of the ramps have been replaced and are crystal clear.  A full set of brand new mountains and boulders have been installed too!  The backglass translight is in fantastic condition.  The cabinet looks great with a few blemishes and some touch-ups.  Brand new playfield glass, leg bolts, levelers and door lock have been installed.  The animated topper is original and in excellent condition.  The game plays lightning fast just like it did in 1993!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * BRAND NEW batteries installed on logic board
    * BRAND NEW score display installed
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Cabinet is cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels are cleaned
    * BRAND NEW lockdown gasket
    * Polished chrome legs
    * BRAND NEW leg bolts
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet) installed
    * BRAND NEW playfield glass
    * BRAND NEW coin door lock
    * All playfield lamp inserts have been cleaned
    * Playfield has been detailed and polished
    * New lamps and fresh rubber installed
    * Fully serviced flippers, bumpers and slingshots
    * BRAND NEW clear ramp set installed
    * BRAND NEW mountains and boulders installed
    * Stainless steel ramp protectors installed
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish balls have been installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * Custom full color score and instruction cards installed
    * An original owners manual and spare light bulbs are included

 Colorful cabinet with our old friend BIGFOOT!

BRAND NEW playfield glass!  Cabinet protectors installed under legs!

Polished chrome legs with new bolts and levelers!  Collector key chain fob included!

Beautiful backglass artwork and an ANIMATED HOLOGRAPHIC TOPPER!
BRAND NEW score display installed!

One of the most UNIQUE playfields ever created!
A full set of BRAND NEW ramps and mountains were installed!

Upper playfield has it's own flipper for terrific ramp shots!  Watch out for BIGFOOT!

Check out the INSANITY FALLS ramp and the WHIRLPOOL!
Ramp protector kit installed!

Can you work your way up the river to become the RIVER MASTER?
Fully serviced flippers with custom blue rubber installed!

An absolutely GORGEOUS original playfield that shines like glass!

An original owners manual and spare light bulbs are included!