A sports classic... WORLD CHALLENGE SOCCER!
1994 Gottlieb

Get out and hit the field with... WORLD CHALLENGE SOCCER!  This game was produced in 1994 by Gottlieb, who was known to make the best pinball machines on the planet during the heyday of the mechanical pinball machine.  World Challenge Soccer is a rarely seen Gottlieb game from the 90's.  In part because fewer than 1,500 games were produced and also because the majority of those appear to have been shipped to Europe where soccer is their sport of choice.  Soccer is a huge sport in the United States as well and this machine gives great tribute as it plays fantastic and puts you right out on the field, trying to score goals and go for huge bonus points.  This game is very friendly to the beginner pinball player, yet still very challenging to the advanced player who can try to score goals in multiple ways and go for the multi-ball bonus rounds.  It's just a fabulous game all around!

Listen to the music and announcer voices as you try to make your way up the field to score another GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL!    The main objective of the game is to score as many goals as possible.  Sounds easy enough, but there is a goal tender whose job it is to keep you from your objective.  That's right... this game has some innovative engineering which moves targets to open and close the goal on the playfield and also can actually boot your ball away when it approaches the net!  There is also a super cool ANIMATED STRIKER FIGURE at the top of the playfield who kicks a miniature soccer ball into a little net whenever you manage to score!  Complete the five challenge matches to qualify for the World Championship.  Score three goals during the championship and you can start the RIOT mode where each shot is worth an incredible 30 MILLION points!  There are other multi-ball and JACKPOT play modes in the game as well that you'll have to find out for yourself!  This playfield has it all from the loads of drop targets to the stationary targets, multiple sink holes, ramps, sling-shots, rollovers, looping shots and MORE!   Did I mention that this game has THREE FLIPPERS to control all of the action?!  This game has lasting player appeal and the popular family-friendly theme goes great in any home gameroom!

No pun intended, but most World Challenge Soccer games should be put out to pasture.  They were played to death and didn't fare well with all of the world travel that they experienced.  Most are moldy, rusted out and worn out heaps.  This one is quite the exception as it's in outstanding condition inside and out with a full matching set of serial numbered circuit boards.  The playfield on this game had a clear mylar protective layer installed when it was new, so the playfield still looks fabulous!  The ramps and plastics are all in excellent condition with no chipped or cracked pieces.  The playfield has been fully torn down, detailed and polished, flippers serviced, brand new bats and fresh rubber rings installed throughout.  The backglass translight is in great original condition.  The cabinet is excellent with a few blemishes and touch-ups.  The side rails and legs have been refinished and new leg levelers were installed.  The game plays lightning fast just like it did in 1994!

Here are just some of the things that were done to this machine:

    * Circuit boards have been fully tested and inspected
    * Fuses checked for proper type and value
    * Any burned coils have been replaced
    * Legs have been refinished
    * Side rails have been refinished
    * BRAND NEW leg levelers (feet)
    * BRAND NEW coin door lock
    * Ball shooter has been serviced
    * Cabinet is thoroughly cleaned inside and out
    * All glass and glass channels cleaned
    * Underside lamp inserts have been cleaned
    * Playfield was COMPLETELY stripped, detailed and polished
    * New lamps and fresh rubber installed
    * Target banks and slingshots have been fully serviced
    * Flippers have been serviced as needed
    * BRAND NEW white logo flipper bats
    * BRAND NEW mirror finish balls have been installed
* BRAND NEW instruction cards installed
    * A full diagnostic test and software configuration was performed
    * Spare light bulbs are included

EXCELLENT condition cabinet artwork!

Refinished side rails!

Refinished legs with new levelers!  BRAND NEW lock and a rebuilt ball shooter!

FABULOUS soccer backglass artwork!

Get out there and score on this BEAUTIFUL playfield!

Check out the ANIMATED SOCCER PLAYER who KICKS THE BALL as you score!

Shoot for the goal and watch the goalie targets MOVE to DEFEND the goal from you!


This gorgeous playfield will keep you entertained for years to come!