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Shipment Preparation

Shown here is the way we professionally package a game for shipment to the next town or around the world.  We do basic shipping preparation for no extra charge.  If crating is required, there will be a charge due to the time, effort and materials involved in doing a quality job.

This game was being shipped to Ohio via a door-to-door carrier.  This is also called "blanket shipping" and is the best way to go for game transport.  The least amount of packaging is required and great care is taken by the shippers to ensure the safe arrival of your game.

The head of the game gets shrink wrapped to the body with cardboard and padding in between.  All of the small pieces like the balls, leg bolts, leg levelers, head bolts and game manuals are bagged and placed in the coin box and shrink wrapped to the game along with the legs.  Then, the whole game is wrapped about a dozen times on all sides so there is no movement during shipping.  It looks like a big piece of meat from the butcher!

This game was being air-freighted to the west coast, then it went on to Hawaii.  Due to the nature of the shipment, a full crate was required by the shipper and desired by the buyer.  Preparation is a bit more detailed than a simple shrink wrap.

We do the same procedure as above with the head, legs and small parts.  Following the shrink wrap treatment, we build a custom skid or pallet with a full plywood bottom.  After the game is strapped to the pallet, we build a  full plywood crate around it.  The only way this game will get damaged is if it gets thrown from an airplane or attacked by a drunken forklift driver.